M Islam, A G Polash and S A Fahim
Journal of the Sylhet Agricultural University, Volume 4, Issue 2, 2017, Pages 325-330


The present study was conducted to evaluate the groundwater quality at different locations in Sylhet district. The selected locations were Sylhet Agricultural University (SAU), Chowkideki, Tilagor, Golapgonj, South Surma and BADC pump at Daudpure. Temperature, pH, turbidity, total alkalinity, dissolved oxygen (DO), carbondioxide (CO2) and iron (Fe) were tested in the water quality laboratory of Sylhet Agricultural University and Leading University, Sylhet. Further water concentration data in the form of pH, turbidity, temperature, total alkalinity, carbon di oxide (CO2), iron (Fe), phosphate (PO4), nitrate (NO3), total hardness and total dissolved solids were collected from Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation (BADC). All the parameters were compared with laboratory tested samples and evaluated with Bangladesh water quality standard whether it is suitable or not. The tested quality parameters were found within the acceptable limit for irrigation and domestic purposes. At Golapgonj, the value of iron (2.01 mg l-1) was beyond the acceptable limit. Total alkalinity was found beyond permissible limit for both domestic and irrigation purpose at Daudpure (124 mg l-1) and Golapgonj (432 mg l-1), respectively. From quality point of view, groundwater is suitable for domestic and irrigation purposes except excessive iron presence in the well. A correlation matrix was done to find out the interrelationship among different water quality parameters. It is found that significant positive correlation holds among the water quality parameters. Therefore, it is suggested that the geologic stratification of this region should be thoroughly investigated before installing a tubewell for both domestic and irrigation purposes.


Groundwater, quality parameters, iron, irrigation, Sylhet

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M Islam, A G Polash and S A Fahim. 2017. ANALYSIS OF GROUNDWATER QUALITY IN SYLHET DISTRICT, Journal of the Sylhet Agricultural University 4(2): 325-330.